Thursday, 2 May 2019

Blue undershirt

In late January, when I went to the fabric swap, I obtained some blue cotton flannel-y stuff. (It only has the fuzzy texture on one side but I don't know what else to call it.) I also got some cotton prints, including this blue & white stripe. I immediately washed these two fabrics and cut out another Nelson undershirt - something I've been meaning to make more of since I made that first one back in 2017.
 Unlike the first one I made, which has a lot of hand finishing, this one is mostly machine sewn. The materials don't look anything like the historical ones, so I decided it would be best to flat fell all the seams by machine.
I still made 10 thread buttons for it, even though it's probably weird to have handmade thread buttons with machine buttonholes. I found a greyish blue linen yarn in Mama's stash that matched my blue flannel fairly closely, and I used that on small plastic rings.
In my first undershirt I cut all the panels long, but for this one I tried doing the separately attached bottom bit, like in the original. It doesn't really make sense to do it that way though, unless you're attaching a bottom piece of a different quality like the original has, so next time I make this pattern up in all the same fabric I'll just do the long panels.
Once the shirt was all finished I thought it looked pretty good, but then I put it on and went "oh no!"
It turned out I had somehow marked the cuff slit on the wrong edge of my pattern pieces, and so had sewn the sleeve closure on the wrong side. It was on top of the wrist and looked terrible, besides being much more awkward to button!
Aaaah! No!
With the entire cuff already finished there was no question of picking it out and re-sewing it on the other side. I simply cut it off, flipped it around, and sewed it on the other way. I corrected the marks on the pattern too, because I don't want to do that again.
The two wrist buttonholes are by hand, because they're right on a join between two pieces.
I covered up the join with another strip of the stripey print. This happened roughly a month and a half after I'd cut off and re-sewed the cuff, because I am still very very bad about doing alterations.
The sleeve is now a bit shorter than it should be, but overall it's not too terrible.
It's less warm than the other one, because the flannel is thinner and less fuzzy, but it's still quite comfortable. Here are two badly lit photos of me wearing it. The lighting was mush better in person, but the camera was being foolish.

Hopefully I'll get some more flannel things sewn this year, especially nightgowns. I really need to make more nightgowns.

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  1. A good recovery of your little mistake. The shirt looks good.
    Hugs, Mamoo