Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Bed jacket #2

I finished this jacket a couple of months ago and am just posting it now. There's not much to say about it though. I cut it out very shortly after I made the first one, and then it sat untouched on The Pile for almost 2 years.
The scrunched up pieces, right after I took them out of the bag they were in.
 The fabric is a quilting cotton with a toile pattern that was in my stash. Like so many of my quilting cottons, I didn't buy it and I don't know where it came from.
 I chose this fabric because the inspiration jacket was also in a toile, but the pattern on mine is a lot smaller and denser, and doesn't look nearly as nice as the original. Oh well, at least it's finished!
 It's the same pattern as the first one, just cut slightly wider in the shoulders.
 The construction is pretty much the same too.
 Here's me wearing it over my monster nightgown.
 Sorry about the bad lighting.

 My 1730's coat is coming along well. I've got the front and back pieces all padded and interfaced, and am about 1/6 of the way through the buttonholes.


  1. The lighting may be poor but I like the sienna pictures. The bed coat looks very nice.
    Pardon my ignorance but I was wondering if the bed coat was worn to sleep in or just to lounge in bed for reading?
    Hugs, Mamoo

    1. Historically, I don't know, since the inspiration jacket was a costume from a fantasy movie. In the movie it was worn while sleeping, but I usually just wear it for reading.