Friday, 4 January 2019

A queue bag and another pair of pants

I've got 3 projects to post before I write up my 2018 in review and these two are simple so I'll put them in the same post.
The first is a queue bag I made for the November HSF challenge. The challenge was "Purses and Bags" and a queue bag is one of the things I need for a 1730's suit.
I didn't post this here at the time because it's so small I didn't want to give it its own post.
It's hard to find detailed back views of people, but thankfully “The Declaration of love” by Jean Francois de Troy, 1731 offers an excellent view of a stylish man's queue bag. (see below) It's about the size of his face, so I made mine the size of my face. There are a few extant queue bags in museums, but none as early as this one that I can find, and in any case I can't find any information on the construction particulars so I just guessed.
I used a black silk fabric from my stash and I ordered 2" and 1/2" black silk ribbon for the bow and drawstring.
I cut a rectangle of silk, sewed the sides up, turned the edges of the seam allowances in and stitched them closed (like a French seam but done in the wrong order) and then put a narrow hem on the top edges and folded them down and attached them. This left me with a drawstring channel on each top edge, so the ribbons can come out at the side seams. I then made a big floofy bow with the wide ribbon, tacked it on, and threaded the narrow ribbon through the top.
Detail from “The Declaration of love” by Jean Francois de Troy, 1731.
What the item is: A queue bag
How it fits the challenge: It is a bag
Material: Silk taffeta (or perhaps one of the better dupionis- it has a few small slubs)
Pattern: None. I cut it so it would measure 15cm by 25cm.
Year: I was aiming for 1730's, but it could easily go several decades later too.
Notions: 2" silk ribbon, 1/2" silk ribbon (less than a yard of each), silk thread
How historically accurate is it? Pretty good, I think. I don't know how exactly these things were constructed, but it's too simple to be very far off, and it's 100% silk and all hand sewn.
Hours to complete: 3
First worn: Not yet
Total cost: About $ 8 or so. I bought the ribbon, the fabric was given to me.


There isn't much to say about these pants. I started them nearly a year ago, so they're another thing I was glad to get off of The Pile. They are nearly identical to my other pair of pants, but with a different lining and buttons.
 My goodness, I didn't realize these photos were so dark. Sorry about that.
I used buttons from my stash, and none of them match. 3 black shank buttons for the waistband, 2 black whatever the word is for non-shank buttons for the fall corners, and 2 dark green shank buttons for the pockets because I didn't have a pair of suitable black ones and am trying to use up the buttons I have in small amounts.
The lining is brown cotton print, and the waistband lining is off white cotton twill. I used black for the pocket bags this time so they won't show like the other ones do. They took 13 hours.
My last project of 2018 was a pair of gloves, which I will post soon.

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  1. Your queue bag looks very authentic. I wasn't quite sure what a queue bag was used for, now I know. I googled "queue bag 1780 images" and I saw a lot of them.
    I saw your pants in person and they look very nice.
    Hugs, Mamoo