Tuesday, 30 January 2018

1780's - 90's shirt

Last year, or perhaps the year before, I got 9m of fine linen because it was on one of those "buy 1m get 2 free" sales. Now I've finally gotten around to making a shirt out of some of it.
It's very soft and comfortable, but I have complaints about this shirt!
I wanted to try a button thingy to help keep the slit closed, like the one on this nightshirt.
18th century nightshirt, Kerry Taylor Auctions.
And I think this fashion plate has one too. It looks like the same thing.
1793. Source.
But I forgot about that when I was cutting the facing for the slit, and did not cut it wide enough for a buttonhole. So I added an extra bit on, but then went and put the buttonhole far away from the edge because I was neither thinking nor looking at the nightshirt picture when I cut it.
What a fool I am!
The collar turned out very nice though. I meant to sew more of the shirt by machine, but ended up doing the shoulder strips, the neck & hem gussets, and the whole collar by hand because I wasn't in a machine sewing sort of mood. The ruffle hems and buttonholes are also by hand.
I like my Dorset buttons!
My other complaint is the ruffles. They don't have nearly enough material in them, and so they stick out too flat. It was also a bad choice to cut them in the same fabric as the rest of the shirt. Next time I will cut the strips longer, and in a finer fabric.
I suppose the pleats turned out okay for a first attempt, but they're still not as even as I'd like.
I really don't know how I ended up with such scant cuff ruffles, because all my gathered ones are much fuller.
I think that's probably enough whining for one post!
I'm sure the pleats will look better when paired with a waistcoat that has those little lapels that stick out. And there is plenty of this linen left for more shirts!
I don't think I shall be putting that little button tab on any of my shirts though. Far too much fuss for a job that a few straight pins could do better.

Next shirt post will surely be accompanied by less whining!

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  1. It looks very good to me for the first shirt in that style. I'm sure you won't make the same mistake twice. I always learn better from my mistakes, I find.

    Hugs, Mamoo