Saturday, 29 April 2017

A few smallish things

I haven't got any newly completed garments at the moment, but I have some other things that I haven't blogged about. A few days ago I finished this box. 

I started it a couple years ago in bookbinding class, and now I've finally gotten around to covering it and gluing it together. I think I had originally intended it to be a sewing box with a more elaborate interior, but I just wanted to get it off the Unfinished Things pile, so the inside is plain striped quilting cotton. The outside is covered in black cotton twill.
I didn't cut my pieces as accurately as I should have, but the lid fits pretty well.
Not sure what I'll use it for. It still could be a sewing box.
I made this green hat in felt class, shortly before I made my tricorn. I didn't make my pattern big enough so it came out really, really small, and barely fits this foam head.
I think it's still at school, and I don't have any use for it.
I carved a linoleum block a couple days ago! It was a commission for a heart & stroke event.
Speaking of commissions, two people are going to buy these shitty dinosaur prints from me, and I am amazed.
Two humans got me to print these and will pay me real actual money for them.

I posted about the fish I block printed, but I never posted this other block I did for class, so here are some pictures of it.
I did some prints on a piece of paper.
And some on fabric.
I haven't done anything with these 3 bits of cotton yet, but they were fun to print. Though I wish the edges hadn't printed darker than the middle of the block.
It's a half drop repeat, with swirliboops based on the ones I embroidered on my waistcoat.
I will hopefully have some finished sewing things soon!


  1. I love the QUEEN OF ALL POTATOE especially when potato scallop is concerned.
    Congratulations on the commission for Stroke Foundation and the sale of your dino prints. Awesome.

    1. Ooo yes potato scallop is very good. Such a kingdom would be very nice to visit.

  2. I love doing linocuts, but I've only just dabbled in printing onto fabric rather than paper. I did a comfrey flower design for a (failed) attempt at an Etsy shop and stamped it onto muslin bags as packaging. They came out okay, but I think the muslin was a little too rough to take a really clear print, and I cheaped out and used acrylic craft paint instead of proper ink, so it was drying too fast on the block at the same time. Still a fun project.

    Somewhere, a children's theater production of Peter Pan is dying for that hat.

    1. Yeah acrylic paint is not all that good by itself, but there is textile medium you can get to mix with it and print & paint on fabric. I haven't used it much though, mostly just speedball fabric ink.
      Muslin is generally okay for printing I find, but it needs to be really thoroughly washed first because it has a lot of sizing in it.

      I should try to find a child who wants to be Peter Pan or Robin Hood this Halloween so I can give the hat to them!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love your work! Is there any way I can buy dinosaur prints for myself?

    1. Thanks! Not at the moment, but it has been suggested by a few people that I should make one of those accounts on a printing website where you sell stuff, so if I do that I will post a link.

  4. The swirly-boop print is gorgeous. I likey.

    1. Thank you, I am quite happy with it! I should make it into a digital print too.