Sunday, 19 March 2017

Awful Slippers

Update: I was a fool! I am sorry! Please, dear slippers, forgive the title of this post! I love my monster slippers very much now and wear them all the time!

Well, maybe awful is a bit harsh, but these are definitely not my best work and I don't like them much at all. I made them for felting class, and they aren't symmetrical, or evenly dyed.
 One's a bit tighter than the other. I tried to dye them brown, but I must have put too much dye in the pot because they went black.
 I put plasti dip on the bottoms, so they have something resembling a sole, and will wear much better than just plain felt.
I had to embellish them for the assignment, and I thought them too ugly to put much more work into, so I added eyes and a top row of pointy teeth.
The pupil is black wool fabric, and the white bits are wool felt.

If I make any other felted footwear it'll be taller, because I don't like the shape of these.

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  1. You got much better result that what I could ever have achieved if I had tried to make a pair... They are unique and I bet they keep your feet warm.