Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Black waistcoat with hidden dinosaurs

Most of you probably don't know this, but I do a lot of really crappy dinosaur drawings. A LOT. My best friend and I have a blog called Shitty Dinosaur Drawings, and I post on it quite often.

Since we did silk painting in surface design class last month, I did a bunch of terrible dinosaurs on a piece of silk satin.
Outlines done in resist with black dye.
Most of my outlines came out a little bit too thick, but at least the dye didn't bleed over them.
The finished fabric, all filled in with more dye and steamed.
It needed to be a lining for something! So I made a waistcoat. It's a plain black dupioni waistcoat, from a 1790's-ish pattern.
There wasn't quite enough dinosatin for a complete lining, so I had to piece a bit of black satin to the tops of the front pieces.
Several dinosaurs lost their faces in the cutting.
It's mostly machine sewn, with the hem and armholes finished off by hand.
I used small aluminum buttons of unknown origin. The plating is wearing off, but they look okay from a distance.
The back is a bright green raw silk from the stash, and since there was already nothing historically accurate about this garment, I added a small appliqué of another silk dinosaur I had drawn earlier on my sample piece.

Sadly, it has some fit issues. It's too narrow in the hips, comparatively baggy in the upper back, and gapes way too much around the armholes. This causes it to ride up and wrinkle in the front, which is very annoying.
It's probably because I foolishly used a pattern from the fashion show that was fitted to one of my models, and didn't alter it enough. Oops. I also didn't interface the front enough, so it's definitely one of my less good waistcoats.
I will hopefully take in the seams at some point to make it fit better.

Hey….. wanna buy some dinosaurs?


  1. I'm not the biggest comment writer but I had to when I saw your dinosaurs. I love them!
    The one in the left corner of the finished fabric looks like he's saying 'Hey. You there! I'm fabulous' and I think he really is. (Your drawings on tumblr are amazing! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the 'dye-nosaur'):D

    But it's a pity, that your waistcoat doesn't fit perfectly, because overall it looks really good. I like the green silk in the back although (or maybe because) it's not historically accurate.

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I will be able to take in the seams and make it fit better, but I hate doing alterations so I'm not sure when that will happen.

      I will very probably paint more silk for silly linings though.

  2. Rofl! I love it!!!! Wonderful work!

  3. I love the dino designs and also the Shitty Dinosaurs Drawings blog. It kept me entertained all morning. Good stuff. Thanks for the link.

    I think I qualify for an old dinosaur.
    Dino hugs,

  4. Ahahaha!! I love the dinosaurs. Especially the bottom left one. Fabulous!

  5. The dinosaurs are so great!! I love that they are a secret lining :)