Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Linen nightgown of great enormity

 Another UFO completed! This nightgown sat with only 2 seams sewed for over a year, but now it's done. I actually finished this over a month ago, but didn't get around to taking pictures of it until this week.
 I got 2m of this embroidered linen on clearance years ago. The embroidery is only along one edge.
Machine embroidery that I did not do.
 There's not much to say about the construction, since it's basically the exact same as my shirts, but bigger and longer. I used the entire 2m piece for the main body, and a similar plain white linen for the rest of the pieces.
I was quite proud of how nicely the edge stitching on the shoulder gusset turned out.
You can see a slight difference in the colour and weave of the 2 different linens.
It's all machine sewn except for the inside finishing on the collar and cuffs. All the seams are either French or flat felled.

The narrow hems on the ruffles were annoying to sew by machine, but
came out mostly straight.
The buttons are Dorset buttons made with small plastic rings and white embroidery floss.
The yardage was very wide, so it comes down to my ankles.

It's very huge, and quite comfortable, aside from the synthetic embroidery thread being slightly scratchy. I'd like to make more nightgowns, though perhaps a bit less wide.


  1. Wow, this looks like a nightgown right out of a gothic horror novel! In a good way! Do you really sleep in it? The itchy lace would drive me crazy...

    1. Thank you! Any comparison to Gothic horror novels is a compliment :D

      I do, yes. It's only slightly scratchy on the edge, and the rest of it is quite soft and comfy.