Sunday, 29 January 2017

Black Breeches

I finished a pair of black breeches! They're mostly made of a cotton blend of some sort that I got on clearance years ago.
I lined the front flaps and waistband with a silvery cotton print, the plackets and corner pockets are plain weave cotton, and the welt pockets are a different cotton print because I ran out of the plain black cotton.
 The construction is mostly the same as the pink pair, but without the lining.

All the exposed seam allowances are serged. The fabric is fairly cheap and has some stretch in one direction, so I didn't think a lining and covered buttons were worth the time.
I used 4 different kinds of plastic buttons, because my stash doesn't have many big matching sets of shank buttons.

 Even though these have no lining, they still took quite a bit of time. Breeches have so many seams!

The "watch fob" is a pendant I found at Michaels,
which I intend to post about once I add some tassels and better ribbon to it.

I only did 2 Historical Sew Monthly challenges last year, so I hope I can do better this year. These breeches fit with challenge #1.

What the item is: A pair of fall front breeches.

The Challenge, and how this item fulfills it: #1, Firsts & Lasts. The breeches were the last item needed to make this outfit wearable.

Fabric/Materials: Black cotton mystery blend with a bit of stretch one way, 2 different mostly black cotton prints, and a black plain weave cotton.

Pattern: Made by me, based on one from The Cut of Men's Clothes.

Year: Late 18th century.

Notions: Heavy canvas interfacing, woven fusible interfacing, plastic buttons, thread.

How historically accurate is it?  Not very. The pattern is accurate but the materials, serged seam allowances, and machine sewing are definitely not. My pink pair is much more accurate.

Hours to complete: I don't know. I should keep a time sheet for the next pair I make.

First worn: January 29th, 2017

Total cost: $0. Everything was stash stuff.
I need to get a walking stick so I can pose properly.

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