Tuesday, 17 January 2017

2016 in review

My goodness, it's the 4th anniversary of this sewing blog! As usual, I did not sew as many things as I wanted this year, but I did finish some projects that have been sitting around for a while.
I did do a reasonable amount of drawing, printing, and dyeing, which I haven't posted on this blog.

So, here is every garment I finished in 2016: (I'm not counting the embroidered waistcoat in this post because it was finished in 2017.)
 A black linen waistcoat. The collar still bugs me, but I was glad to have it off the unfinished things pile. I wore it to a funeral and it was sad and terrible.
 A red waistcoat with black trim. Haven't worn this much, but I think it turned out pretty nice.
Photo by Seamus Lee Hayes.
 A sequined, sleeved waistcoat. Another Unfinished Thing that I finished! I need to make a black coat and breeches to wear with it. (The breeches in the photo are ones from the fashion show that don't really fit me.)
 Pink silk breeches. I like these a lot more than I expected to, and they fit very well. I've already started working on a black cotton pair from the same pattern.
 A pair of black pants, recut from a pair I did for the fashion show. I still need to make more pants...
 Navy & white striped pants. They fit perfectly at the time, but have since gotten a little loose around the hips, so I might need to take them in a bit.
 Toile pockets. I have no use for them, but they were a good project for that bit of fabric.
An un-blogged pair of placemats for digital print class. I really don't like drawing things in Adobe Illustrator but these leaves were manageable.

A plain white cotton shirt, which was also not blogged. It was a commission, and not any different from most of my own shirts.

A linen nightgown. I like it very much, and have worn it a lot already.
 Loki: Agent of Asgard bodice-thingy commission. I feel like every single incarnation of this character has clothes with a ridiculous number of seams, and most of them in unreasonable places. The gaping at the front still annoys me, but I don't know how else I'd fasten it.
 Loki Stuttgart scarf. THIS TOOK SO LONG! HOLY CRAP! I didn't keep a time sheet, but it was many, many hours of work. I had do re-do about half the steps, and some of them more than once. I also spent forever carefully hand sewing all the rectangles together, and re-stringing the fringe to make it long enough. Ugh. But at least it was a learning experience.
Grim Sheeper robe. I regret not interfacing the collar area, but other than that I like it, and it's a good pun. I hope I'll find a reason to make the pattern up again, or at least use the sleeve design for something.

And that's it! Hopefully I will sew more things in 2017, and reduce my Unfinished Project pile even more.

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  1. I would say that you did well with sewing 12 garments, one for each month.
    It's always nice to see your creative talent at work. Hopefully 2017 will be a good year for you.
    Hugs, Mamoo