Friday, 12 August 2016

Rope dress

(I'll post some actual current sewing projects soon, I promise!)

I mentioned the rope dress once once a very long time ago, and in the spirit of the previous post I figured I should show you some pictures of it.

It was for the 2014 NBCCD fashion show. First year students have to do a challenge piece, and my year the challenge was rope. For some unknown reason I decided to model for myself, and it was horribly unpleasant all around. I only found 1 picture of me wearing it, from this blog post.
As with most assignments, I started it late. I don't remember how late, but I do know I stayed up all night before the show working on it.
I sewed a dress-like-thing in slightly stretchy black cotton. It was just a gored skirt with a basic princess seam bodice stuck on top and a high collar on top of that. I made my own rope by tearing cheap cotton into strips and twisting it. I clipped the end of each strand to a spinning wheel to do the twisting and then folded it back on itself, leaving me with a whole lot of approximately 2 foot long robe pieces.
Solid black ropes, and ones with white pinstripes.

I tacked them all on by hand, and they get pretty sparse near the bottom of the skirt.

I stuck on some mesh sleeves (same stuff I used on the tails of my sparkly waistcoat) complete with horribly uncomfortable finger loops made of elastic.

I don't remember much about the day of the show. I put the dress in a bag in the storage room and forgot about it, until a few weeks ago when I was decluttering. I ripped it apart and saved everything except the bodice fabric and the pinstripey ropes.
It was super easy to take apart, because the hand stitches were huge.
Not sure what I'll do with all the black rope bits, but there must be some good use for them.

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