Friday, 1 July 2016

2 pairs of pants is not enough pants

This is going to be an awfully boring post, but thankfully it's quite short. 
I keep meaning to sew more pants and then I put it off until my pants wear out and I have no choice but to sew more. I've been wearing the pants I made for Drew for the fashion show (The ones from the outfit with the red & black waistcoat) because they fit me without alterations. And for months I've had the other pants from the show (the ones Bill with the corded jacket wore) re-cut and half sewn up.
Now I've finally finished them and I have 2 pairs of pants!

Because the model was considerably larger than me I had to pick them apart and re-cut them with my own pants pattern. I shortened the top a little, so now the top of the button fly looks really weird because I don't know how else I'd re-attach a waistband to such a thing.
I only shortened it a bit and that sort of confuses the button spacing.
It's a bit of a mess, but they're wearable pants so I'm not complaining.
The previous buttonhole sewn shut with the new buttonhole just beneath it.

Two pairs of pants is better than one, but I still need to make more! I recently went through all my patterns and I found 6 unlabeled (WHY did I not label them? Augh!) pants drafts. So once I mock up and figure out some of those I will make more.

I also recently finished a fabulously inaccurate waistcoat and will be posting about it shortly.

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  1. Well fitting pants are hard to come by, so having two mor ena dselfmade is definetively good! I love your style!