Monday, 19 May 2014

Pants With Buttons

I made pants!
Pants have been on my to- do list for a very long time. I was down to two pairs of store bought pants, because I didn't want to buy new ones knowing they wouldn't fit. Last year I had four pairs, but two have since worn out, so sewing pants was something I couldn't put off any longer.

I made the pattern using the basic pant draft from school. I gave it a waistband, a fall front, and pockets.
I really like the fact that the waistband of this pattern is actually at the waist. I can't stand low cut pants.
For the fall front I made two plackets, like you might find on a modern shirt cuff.
I didn't do a great job on them, but they work.
One is a little wider than the other. The pieces aren't sewn
together in this picture.
I did not take many pictures of the construction because I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing and consequently messed a few things up. I will go into more detail in a later pair of pants, once I have things figured out.
Here are the completed pants.
 They fasten with ten buttons, and there are two welt pockets in the front.
The fabric is a cotton blend that I got on clearance. I think it was one of those 97% cotton, 3% spandex ones. It has a bit of stretch and a sort of nubbly texture. I made the inside of the waistband out of black denim, so I didn't have to interface it. The pocket bags are plain, tightly woven cotton.
The seams are all machine sewn (which is why the welts and plackets are rather uneven) and the raw edges are serged.
I hemmed it by hand with a slipstitch.
I cut flaps for the inside of the fall front, but didn't put them in because the under side of the placket went where they should have gone. Next time I will have thought things through more thoroughly.

I really like them. They fit, and they have buttons!
I much prefer buttons to zippers.


  1. Your pants look very nice and comfortable Mira.

  2. Great job, they look lovely.

  3. Great pants! I used to have a fall front skirt - bought when I lived in London - and I keep meaning to make another one

  4. I like the pants very much. Love the buttons! It's very good that you got the fabric on clearance. Natalie

    1. Thank you!
      Pretty much all of the fabric I buy is either bought during a big sale, with a coupon, or on clearance. This looked like good pants fabric to me, so I got enough of it for at least two more pairs.

  5. Awesome pants! Very unique. :)