Saturday, 15 March 2014

Gauzy White Cravat & Secondhand Shoes

Gauzy white cravats are an essential accessory for the late 18th century, both for men's suits and women's riding habits.
I made one a few weeks ago, which you can see me wearing in the last photo of my previous post.
Boring, isn't it?

There isn't much to write about it. It's a rectangle of fine cotton that is 55 cm x 146 cm. 3 of the edges are hemmed and the third is the selvedge. I didn't cut it to this length, it was already this size when it was given to me. If I had cut it I would have made it a bit longer.
Hemmed edges.
Since two picture are not nearly enough for a post, I may as well show you the two pairs of shoes I have recently obtained.
I found this pair on the table in the student lounge where people leave things they no longer want. They're really small- only a size 10. I can wear them, but the are quite snug. I am almost certain that the material is fake leather.
The important thing about them is that they have buckles. The buckles are too small, the wrong colour, and are off to one side instead of being in the middle, but they are still buckles. I think the overall look of these shoes goes fairly well with 18th century styles. They are certainly better than lace up ones.
I got this other pair at a secondhand store for 6 dollars. They fit as long as my socks are thick. I had previously been wearing a pair of my grandfathers old shoes and they were much too big, besides being in worse condition.
If I could magically transfer a bit of the size from this pair to the other pair both would fit perfectly.
That is all I have for now. I have started a frock coat but progress is slow. Next I will post more pictures from The Surprise Cookbook.


  1. Those found shoes would also be great for Renaissance costuming, I think!

    1. Ooh, they would be nicely neutral for the Renaissance! I'll have to keep that in mind. Isabella Brant's wacky outfit from The Artist & His Wife in the Honeysuckle Bower has been on my costuming wish list for years.