Monday, 7 October 2013

Embroidered Needle Case

This was a school project. I'm in my first year of fashion and we had to make needle cases for our sewing class. The materials that were provided were embroidery floss and synthetic felt. Yuck. I hate synthetic felt. I decided to make mine out of my own scrap fabric instead. Here is the sketch I drew.

I used black linen. We were supposed to attach some design to the cover with a blanket stitch, so I made an embroidered label that said "needles".

I cut out two rectangles of linen, marked a rectangle with the corners scooped out shape, and basted around it to hold the two layers together.
I marked out the locations of the letters. I used a blackletter font but I can't remember where I found it.
I went over the lines with a split stitch in silver thread. I had considered gold thread, but I prefer silver with black.
The beginning of the "N". The chalk lines kept wearing off and I had to constantly re-draw them.
I did a satin stitch over top of the thick parts of the letters.

Blackletter fonts are rather tedious to embroider, but worth it.

The basting line ended up not lining up with where I wanted to cut out the embroidery.
I traced the shape again, cut it out, and blanket stitched it to the cover. The cover of the needle case was made from two layers of linen that I stitched together with a running stitch, turned, and then blanket stitched. Blanket stitching the edges was part of the assignment.
There are 8 pages in the case. They are 4 pieces of linen (or possibly cotton) that are folded in half and stab-stitched into the spine. In my sketch I put swirly designs on the corners, but I ended up not having time to embroider them.
The edges of the pages are raw, and unraveling a little bit. I probably should have used something more tightly woven.
I'm very happy with how the letters turned out. I want to embroider more fancy letters now, though I can't think what I would embroider them on. I never wear clothing with writing on it. Perhaps monogrammed handkerchiefs.
I populated the finished case with needles.
The needle case now contains about 2/3 of the hand sewing needles I own, all sorted by size.
I think that I should have put some kind of stiffening in the cover. It gets a bit scrunched around the edges when I carry it in my embroidery bag.
This page is for needles that I am currently using.
Generally, I like my classes, though they are a bit boring at times.
Here is the title page I made for the hand stitches section of my sewing fundamentals binder.
It's drawn on a binder divider. I removed the tab after taking this picture.
That's all I've got for now. I am working on a pair of mitts for the HSF Outerwear challenge, and they should be finished pretty soon.


  1. That is just awesome how you made that Needles label.

  2. Very nice! We had to make needle/pin books for my FIT program, but mine was definitely not this well-done.

  3. That "hand stitching" drawing you did made me wince. Ouch.