Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Edwardian photo album #1 part 2

I'm terribly sorry about this. It was not my intention to do two album posts in a row, but there is no sewing post ready, so here is part 2 of the album I introduced last week.
People in a boat. I wonder why that lady is covering her face.
More farm things.

Are those black cows? I don't think I've ever seen an entirely black cow.

Whoever put her hair up did a great job. I like the buttons on her collar too.
A group picture in front of a school house, how cute!
Now that is a very interesting bodice closure. So futuristic looking.

What is that thing on his head? It looks like he ripped a clump of sod out of the lawn and used it as a hat. Very odd.
This picture, and the one after it, have words stuck to them. I don't know how this could have happened. They look like they are from a newspaper, but there wasn't anything in between these pages.

I'm sure this scenery was very pretty in person, but why take a tiny black and white photograph of it? It makes it look so boring. A painting would be a far better option.
If you insist on taking tiny colourless photos of landscapes, including a couple of ladies with big hats does improve things.
What wonderful trim! And a rather unusual hairstyle. I don't think I've ever seen one like that before.

Such silly apron ruffles. I always think they look strange when I see them on costumes, so it's really interesting to see that they actually wore those things.

This one has a clothesline. My commentary is utterly useless but I think there ought to be text in between at least some of the pictures.
This looks like some kind of uniform. Can anyone tell me what is going on in this picture?
Lots of people are waiting for something to arrive.
Elsie Thom Presque-something Glass? I can't quite make out the writing, but the contents of the box are clearly delightful.
I see three buttons on a skirt. I wonder if they are part of a longer row of buttons or if there are only three.

This is strange. It's the delightful box arrival location again, but what's the little blurry object? And why does it need two people to hold it up?

I missed the HSF Green challenge because my pockets still aren't done. I have made a lot of progress on them, but they are only a little over half finished. I also started a pair of mitts for the Outerwear challenge, but they aren't quite finished either. I'm hoping to finish my green bodice for the Masquerade challenge, or at least get the panels sewn together. I am busy with school assignments though, besides being easily distracted by other projects, so this is all rather uncertain.


  1. Hi Mira, the only thing that I can help you with is to name the breed of those black bulls. They are Angus bulls and they were probably used as a pair of working bulls to work the land.

    I love viewing those old photos.

    1. Thank you. Papa said the same thing, so that's what they must be.