Saturday, 28 September 2013

Better Pictures of the KCI Drawstring Jacket

 Sorry it took so long!
The weather has been very wet lately. I didn't want to drag my white train through the mud, so I had to wait a while to get better pictures of my drawstring jacket.
I also had to make a white petticoat to keep the blue of my undermost petticoat from showing through the scalloped one. I had been putting off this project because it was boring.
I filled my gauzy buffon with potato starch. It made it stand up very nicely, though the drawstring neckline did reduce the puffiness.

I was a little disappointed with how my hair turned out. I used the large C shaped rat and the spherical rat. I tried to curl my hair but the curls wouldn't stay. I suspect this is because the burner wasn't hot enough. My curling iron is a stovetop one so I'm a little timid with it.
The hair looked pretty dumb by itself, and soon became quite disheveled looking, but at least it held up the hat.

I tried one of those weird arm-stuck-out poses that you see in fashion plates so often.
 Who stands in a field with their arm stuck out like that? Fashion plates can be so weird.
The pictures were taken by my father. I was quite disappointed by his behavior. He complained about having to go to the park and didn't want to go into the woods portion of the park at all.
I don't think he fully understands the concept of a photoshoot. He only took 19 pictures.

 These last two pictures were taken by my little sister.
We have a teacup that's white and festooned with pink roses, similar to my hat, and I found the large difference in circumference amusing.
My scalloped petticoat was damaged slightly. I held it up on the way to the park, but foolishly let it drag on the ground on the way back. It's only a few blocks to the park, but the sidewalk wore away the hem stitches awfully quickly. Consequently, the hem now contains a tree seed and some bits of dried cedar.
 It's nothing too serious. I'll just unpick this section of hem, vacuum it out, and stitch it back up.

A promised, here are the pattern pieces! Seam allowances are not included.
(I apologize for the lack of contrast, numbers, and labels.)
The pieces for the outer fabric of the bodice.

The pieces for the bodice lining. The shoulder strap and middle piece are the same ones used for the outside.

The gathered panel and waistband.

The sleeves. The bit on the bottom folds up to account for the difference in length between the outer fabric and the lining.
This is my first complete historical costume ever! Actually it's not complete, I don't have proper shoes or stockings, but it's close enough for now. I am very pleased with how utterly ridiculous it looks.


  1. It is SO PERFECT! I love this outfit like crazy. Bravo!!!

  2. Holy moly, I think you look simply EPIC! Absolute perfect silhouette.

  3. On the way to and from the park you certainly got some interesting looks from the passers-by in cars. I'm looking forward to the response you get on the day you wear it to school.

    It might be a good idea if next time you got someone in the photography studio at your school to do the photo shoot. They would have a better sense of what to do.

  4. Perfect! It's my favourite jacket in KCI collection! And that hat... :)

  5. mm - gorgeous! can i ask what you had on under the skirt? You have the silhouette perfectly

    1. Certainly! Under the scalloped petticoat I am wearing two other plain cotton petticoats and a bum pillow. The post about that bum pillow is the only post under the "skirt supports" tag.
      The pillow has rows of yarn stabbed through it to pull it into the right shape. There are pictures of this in the bum pillow post, I drew a little cross section diagram too.

  6. Looks straight from a fashion plate!

  7. So lovely! And I think your hair looks great. And I liked your Dad's pictures too. You have to give him credit, he did go with you!

    1. Thank you! Perhaps I was a bit too hard on him. I am glad he agreed to come and take the pictures, but he was terribly impatient.

  8. Wow! You are very talented! I love the hat especially. :)


  9. This is so wonderful! I just keep coming back to look at it. It turned out so perfectly, both in fit and as a replica.

  10. This is fabulous. You look wonderful. Hat is amazing!

  11. I laughed so hard at the fashion plate pose. Your blog always makes me laugh!
    And you look so pretty! The whole outfit looks GREAT!

    1. Fashion plates are pretty silly. I suspect that most of those awkward, unnatural poses are meant to show off more of the clothing details.
      I'm not sure why my blog would always make you laugh though. I try too keep my word choice varied to avoid sounding repetitive, but I almost never try to be funny.

  12. It looks fantastic - it's really got the perfect silhouette, and all those details that do not quite jump at you immediately but make it look right.
    I'm also pleased to recognise the striped muff!

  13. Such a gorgeous ensemble! You look fabulous and your father really doesn't seem to understand what a photoshoot is!