Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Plans for a silly hat

The 7th HSF challenge, Accessorize, is due on the 8th of this month. I have nothing to wear on my head with the 1780s outfit that I'm working on, and it will be a while before construction of the black hat can proceed. So I'm going to make a puffy topped lampshade hat. It's ridiculous size should go well with the exaggerated shape created by the bum pillow.
Journal de luxus, 1789 (source)
 The one on the left is my main inspiration picture.
Here is a paper mockup of my pattern so far.

 It's not quite right yet. The brim isn't tapered at the right angle and the top part should be a bit bigger. At first I thought the shape was completely wrong, but then I realized that the flowers and large puffy bow make the hat band look wider than it actually is.
The approximate edges of the hat structure.
 I think the paper mockup looks relatively decent on me. While the extra wide hat band doesn't fit on my head, it sits quite nicely on top of this large and hastily put together hairdo.

From the front.

From an angle.
 Since the only stiffening material I have is that unidentified mesh, my plan for stiffening the brim is to cut two layers of that, sew them together and put a piece of thin wicker around the outer edge. This is a softer looking style of hat, so it should work. The gathered white fabric around the brim will hide the meshy texture better than a smooth fabric covering would.
For the hat band I have a narrow strip of what I think is heavy buckram.


  1. It's looking nice so far. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished hat.

    About the fur coat price, I can ask at Frenchy's the next time I go there. It has been over a year since I was there.

    I haven't been to Value Village lately either but I would suspect that their fur cots would be more pricy than at Frenchy's. It has been a while since I was shopping at the secondhand stores. Maybe you can put a message on Facebook that you are interested in getting an old fur coat that somebody want to get rid of. You never know, someone out there may have one that they would like to give away, or sell for cheap.

    I hope that you can find one.

    1. Oh dear. Ohdearohdearohdear. Me on Feces-Book???!?
      That site is a time wasting, horrible, useless manure pit filled with blue cheese, dead skunks and other revolting things! That insult was inadequate, but I never swear, so it will have to do. I am greatly offended.

      Now look what you've done, Mamoo! You've gone and made me disregard grammar and spelling.

      Since you are rather old and forgetful, and your schedule is very busy, I will give you a pardon this time. Do not mention the F word here again.

      Thank you for the other stuff you said. I've never heard of a fur cot, it must tickle the nose terribly.

    2. Hey, blue cheese is good. Otherwise I agree with your general assessment of FB.

    3. Mama just told me that my reply sounded mean. I didn't mean to offend you, just facebook. Sorry for calling you"rather old and forgetful".

  2. Mamoo, just an FYI, but the Mouse Borg is NOT on Face book.

    And if the hat is what you wanted the flat reed for, I have some round reed (maybe in a bag in the closet downstairs) that might work if the flat reed is too thick.

    And that IS a Very Silly Hat!

    1. Thank you. I'm glad to hear that it is Very Silly. To be fashionable in the 1780s you almost have to be a cartoon character.

      I was planning to use the round reed for the hat. The flat reed is going to be used for 1770s paniers.